The hair looks like a pretty common. Sometimes, people think that the hair is same as the stone and inorganic except it grow long. Always thought that it seem natural for the hair to grow long, doesn’t anything with the nutrition, let alone relating to vitamin. In fact, that is wrong, take care of your hair as it is alive, it needs a variety of nutrition to grow, especially needs vitamins. It will wither even lose if lacking of nutrients and vitamins, liking the life. Vitamins have very close concern with the growth of hair.

If your hair is dry, listless, or brittle, it is often due to lack of vitamin B complex, C. In addition, it also lack of amino acid, iodine and other nutrients. You should take some food of yeast, beer yeast, white and brown rice, raisins, melon and so on.

Losing hair is the most serious consequence of a lack of vitamin. If lacking of vitamin B6, C, E, as time passes can, it will shed off in advance. And then no longer grow new hair. Those phenomena are shed hair. Otherwise, with hair-loss patients, a lack of B vitamins may play a role. You can take the foods that naturally rich in these nutrients. Such as beer yeast, nuts, beef liver, animal kidney, brown rice, unrefined processing of molasses, animal liver, lecithin, unrefined processing cereal products, citrus, beer yeast, and so on.

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